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Plastivan sp. z o.o.

62-007 Biskupice, ul. Główna 8

telefon: +48 693 922 833
telefon: +48 601 912 792
telefon: +48 690 010 619
telefon: +48 612255450
fax: +48 612255451

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  • Duofuse Solid Full Board

    In 2018, Plastivan brings on the shelves new Duofuse Solid Full Board for terraces. The product is created during co-extrusion process. There are three colors as usually. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate and contact with our export department in Biskupice.

  • Viligno floors

    LVT flooring are very successful solutions for family houses. The pictures present flat in Blachownia Poland. The investor used Viligno dry-back, color Traditional Oak.

  • Our façade system DURASID

    Our façade  system DURASID is very successful finishing solution for mobile homes called also Dutch homes. Below you will see the pictures, where our DURASID was used by Polish company Eco Mobile Home from Latchorzew near Warsaw. The producer applicates DURASID ORIGINAL 333mm. His clients appreciate images and durability of mobile homes because of using […]

  • Doufuse

    Please, check our new references with Duofuse from Russia. Click here

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