The quickest terrace of the world

Płytki kompozytowe DuoFuse w szyku szachownicyAn even surface and one minute are all you need to install a terrace in your garden or on the balcony. Following the market success of DuoFuse composite boards, Plastivan has launched a new product, already acclaimed a revolution among decking boards by architects.

Composite Decking Tiles help to quickly and simply make a garden platform, path, balcony floor or swimming pool edges. The 30 x 30 cm square tiles are installed on a plastic grille, which joins all tiles together. With clasp joints the tiles can be easily joined and separated. A 2.2 cm high structure fits in any balcony and on any other surface where traditional installation would be difficult. More importantly, the composite decking tiles can be installed on old and cracked ceramic tiles or a concrete floor. A hard surface is the only requirement for this product.

Sposób na taras w miejscach trudnodostępnych Płytki umocowane na ruszcie są szybkie i proste w montażu.Composite decking tiles feature an innovative design and the good properties of the market tested DuoFuse system, resistant to sun, water and pests. “A composite is a durable material with PVC properties and the look and smell of wood”, explains Błażej Korzeniewski, Plastivan’s technical advisor. Plastivan has just launched two new colours: bronze and gray. The tiles can be laid in different patterns. They can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Files to download:
Ulotka podesty kompozytowe DuoFuse