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Terms and conditions of obtaining the title:
Authorised Sales and Assembly Partner of Plastivan Sp. z o.o.
• Only companies may apply for authorisation. The authorisation is the final effect of the training process, completed with a test which verifies the knowledge of the participants related to the assembly and products of the Plastivan company. After the training and passing the ASAaP exam, the given company will receive the certificate and will be invited to sign the cooperation agreement.

Procedure of application for authorisation:
• A company interested in the participation of its employees in the process of obtaining the authorisation sends its request for it to the Customer Service Department of the Plastivan company, at the following phone number: 61 815 57 47 or e-mail address:
• it is necessary to download the application form from the website.
• Having become familiar with the terms and conditions of Authorisation, and upon their acceptance, the completed form must be sent via e-mail to the following address:
• When the Customer Service Department receives the application, the company is entered into the register and waits for the performance of the Authorisation process.
• In case the date is set, the company is invited to the business seat of Plastivan Sp. z o.o. in Biskupice, where the Authorisation is performed within a one-day cycle.
• After the positive completion of the training and the examination test, the participant receives the title confirmed by the certificate: Authorised Sales and Assembly Partner of the Plastivan (ASaAP) company.

The advantages of being in the possession of the title of the Authorised Sales and Assembly Partner:
• Cooperation with the manufacturer with regard to servicing the individual and investment customer.
• Advertisement in the Plastivan’s product catalogue.
• Advertisement in the leaflets attached to the sold products.
• Information on the website:

At the moment of commencement of the authorisation process, it is necessary to have:
• The legible xerox copy of “Certificate of entry in the business activity register”
• The legible xerox copy of “Certificate of the national statistical identification number”
• The legible xerox copy of “Certificate of the tax identification number assignment”
• Completed original copy of the Authorisation form

In case of additional questions or doubts, please contact the Customer Service Department at the following phone number: 61 8155747 (058) or the Export department:



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