– The decades of our experience and constant development ensure the position of a leader to us on the market of building-finishing materials in Europe – a leader associated with high quality of products and provided services as well as with innovations.
– We create a reliable team which is loyal to our trade partners that appreciate the high standards of service and business based on the principle of partnership. This translates into the satisfaction of our customers and attachment to our brands.
– Our advantage is in the motivated team of people, where healthy human relationships and the conviction that we work for ourselves constitute the foundation.
– The conscious establishment of challenges, strong determination to gain professional development and achieve financial success guarantee us stability at present and allow us to look brightly into the future.

– We provide functional solutions for the building and finishing sectors in accordance with the European standards of care for the natural environment. Owing to them, our customers save time and money, and our trade partners develop their own companies.
– We are determined to distinguish ourselves on the market owing to the quality of the whole sales process, transparent rules of cooperation and introduction of innovative products in response to the growing needs of our customers.
– We work on the social image of a stable and reliable employer and an environment-friendly enterprise.

– What we appreciate at work: honesty, responsibility, positive and healthy relationships in the team, involvement in the matters related to the company and openness to challenges.
– What we want to develop in our company: individual and team skills as well as consistency in striving for achievement of ambitious objectives.
– Our constant development allows the expectations of our partners and customers to be met, and we have an equal share in the success which follows that development.
– We follow the win-win principle in the relationships with all business entities