On the Baltic – only our boards
t_baltykThe DuoFuse terrace system constitutes the best equipment for the hotel – admitted the competition chamber in 2009 during the Warm Baltic Fair in Gdansk. The subject-matter experts awarded the prestigious Mercurius Gedanensis prize to our composite boards.
The Baltic exhibition gathers the investors in recreational facilities, hotel owners, restaurant owners, Spa managers, as well as beauty and health salon managers. It is also a meeting of manufacturers of equipment for this industry. Plastivan has participated in the Warm Baltic Fair for three years. Above all, the DuoFuse decking, which proved their functionality as the element of finishing of the holiday camps, are presented at the exhibition. The strength of the system is appreciated mainly by the investors.
The Warm Baltic Fair is an event that promotes the prolongation of the tourist season at the Polish seaside by investments in infrastructure. The medals won at the fairs are the crowning achievement of the 2-day exhibition.

Medal for the roofline
t_budmaThe Golden Medal of the Budma Fair 2004 for the PLV roof soffit was the testimonial of the subject-matter experts and the sign of success of the new technology. The promoted system constituted an innovative roof finishing, resistant to destruction and weather conditions. Nowadays, the roofline has got an extensive and constantly growing colour offer complemented by the finishing strips and ventilation panels. Budma – The International Construction Fair – belongs to the group of leading business meetings for this industry in the Central and Eastern Europe. Above all, this is the largest construction exhibition in Poland, at which it is possible to see the equipment, technologies and materials for all the stages of investment completion.

Prize-winning help
reka_caritasbesides the satisfaction
As well as satisfaction, the long-term help and cooperation with Caritas in Gniezno, has also brought prizes and awards to the Plastivan company.
In 2006, this was the ”Helping Hand” statuette. The prize was awarded in the category named ”Sponsoring” for the support consisting in the delivery of wall panels for the renovation of the cafeteria, and equipment for the community centre in Chodzież. The contest of the Gniezno-based Caritas organisation is aimed at rewarding the persons and institutions which contribute to bringing help. As priest Jacek Dziel, who is the head of the institution, said: – We awarded the ”Helping Hand” statuettes to those who give hope for a better tomorrow.
One year later, Plastivan received the Ubi Caritas prize. This is the most important award given by this institution on the All-Polish scale. The prize in the category of “ Caritas Donor” is an expression of acclaim for the entirety of actions and fruitful cooperation between Caritas and Plastivan. The statuette awarding gala was organised at the Polish Theatre in Warsaw. The prize was handed over to Mr Mikołaj Przybyła by Nina Terentiew.

Ambassador for a good cause
The crowning achievement of the long-term involvement of Plastivan in the activities related to the local community is the inclusion of the company in the narrow group of the Caritas Ambassadors’ Club of the Gniezno Archdiocese. – the aim of this association is to promote the rules of corporate responsibility and ethics in business as well as to integrate the circles of entrepreneurs who decided to support people in need through our institution – explains Lucyna Muniak, the communications department manager of Caritas in Gniezno.
Plastivan has been involved in social activities for several years. During this time, it repeatedly provided material aid in the form of construction materials for the purpose of renovation of the Caritas centres and for a family whose house was burnt. In summer 2009, the company employees also built a platform on the Lake Kołdrąbskie, located on the premises of the Children’s Home which functions there.
On several occasions, the projects completed by the company were awarded prestigious prizes on the local and All-Polish scale. This was, among others, the Ubi Caritas statuette in the category of „Caritas Donor” and the ”Helping Hand” award for the sponsoring activity and involvement in charity in the year 2006.