Durasid – the solution for aesthetes
Durasid is a system of aesthetic and durable claddings. It is an excellent option for traditional elevation materials, such as wood, clinker or stone. The use of the modern technology serves the purpose of long-lasting and problem-free use.
Technology: the Durasid system is made of foamed PVC with the use of the double layer technology, which ensures unparalleled durability and resistance to both the detrimental impact of weather conditions and the biodegradation processes and chemical corrosion. The basic part is made of cellular PVC with the co-extruded surface layer.

The use of Durasid ensures:
time and money savings – the material is resistant to the detrimental impact of sunlight, rain or cold on degradation caused by the influence of living organisms or chemical compounds. Owing to this, the Durasid cladding does not require any maintenance procedures and repairs.
safety and comfort – the material is ecological, can be subjected to recycling in its entirety, and does not affect the human health
uncomplicated assembly – the system is characterised by simplicity, modularity and completeness. The “dry” assembly is performed with the use of the simplest tools. The assembly process consists of the series of repeatable activities, which minimises the risk of commitment of an error.
broad application – Durasid works well in case of renovation of old buildings and in finishing the new houses, gazebos and industrial buildings.
energy savings – the cladding wall has got insulation properties, which ensures energy savings
attractive arrangement – there are 11 colours available in our offer, which enable the harmonisation of the elevation with the whole building. This raises the value of the real estate and gives freedom in satisfying the individual needs and tastes. The system imitates the wood fibres effectively, giving the desired and natural appearance to its finishing
competitive price – the high quality and aesthetics are coupled with reasonable and favourable price

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