Easy installation lowresimg_1395Plastivan soffit system uses a profiled board. When it is fixed to the fascia board on the rafter the gutter hooks will be very durable. A special connector must be used to join two boards – a 5-6 mm gap between them must be left as the boards expand depending on temperature. Compared to other materials, installation of this system takes much less time and no special tools are required. A hand saw, measuring tape, spirit level, angle, hammer and file are all the tools needed. Panels are light and easy to cut, drill and mould. The boards are sufficiently wide to fix light fittings and ventilation grilles. The system is complete with matching ventilation panels.
Technical data lowresimg_1389Profiles are made of foamed PVC in a two-layer technology. The outer layer is made of hard PVC, which is very resistant to weather conditions and durable. The profiles are filled with foamed PVC, which gives them flexibility and reduces the weight of the end structure. Three board wide soffit panels are made of hollow PVC. Although they are very light, they have excellent mechanical properties. They are wide enough to install ventilation grilles and light fittings.

Files to download: Instrukcja montażu podbitki PLV