The assembly of the decorating panels includes a set of several simple steps, which will surely not create any difficulty for the DIY enthusiasts. The assembly stages include: laying the starter strip and fixing the panels to the wooden strips by means of screws, nails or staples. In order to join the panels and corners, it is recommended to use special finishing strips. It is also possible to install a decorative ceiling trim.

Methods of panel fixing

The assembly must be started with laying the starter strip, and then it is necessary to insert the panels by sequence and fix them to the wooden strips by means of screws, nails, staples or special clips. The clips, owing to the fact that the expansion joints between the panels are kept, enable the appropriate ventilation of the rooms exposed to the impact of humidity.

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Finishing profiles

The finishing profiles which are offered by the Plastivan company facilitate and speed up the assembly of claddings.

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starter trim
join profile


internal corner
external corner
flexible corner
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multi-functional profile
internal corner
external corner

Method of “easy corners”

The panels with the thickness of 1 cm enable aesthetic finishing of the wall corners without the use of special assembly profiles. The method consists in making a notch at the bottom side of the panel with a sharp knife for wall papers. The channel construction of the panels and the flexible material from which they are made allow its bending to an appropriate angle, maintaining a very aesthetic outer edge.

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a notch made with a knife internal corner external corner

The universal profile (96), owing to the specific construction and the flexible material from which it is made can be used as the starter profile, corner profile, outer profile, inner profile and decorative profile. At the underside of the profile, there are grooves which make the appropriate bending possible. There is also a self-adhesive tape, which allows for quick assembly. The universal profile is available in colours of some collections as well as in white colour.

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