Family summer house near to Petersburg
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Tropical brown / Hotel Andersia Poznań
Tropikalny brąz / Hotel Andersia PoznańTropikalny brąz / Hotel Andersia PoznańTropikalny brąz / Hotel Andersia Poznań

Stone grey / Duofuse composite structured boards – a single-family house

Stone grey – Duofuse full board – entrance to garden
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Tropical brown/ duofuse composite structured board – a village house
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Graphite / A single-family house

Graphite / Spa in Dąbrowa Górnicza

Stone grey / A single-family house

Natural brown / residential buildings in Wrocław

Natural brown / a house in Koszalin

Natural brown / Jelenia Struga SPA-RESORT

Tropical brown / swimming pool

Tropical brown / residential buildings in Poznan

Tropical brown / house in Cracow


  • Duofuse Solid Full Board

    In 2018, Plastivan brings on the shelves new Duofuse Solid Full Board for terraces. The product is created during co-extrusion process. There are three colors as usually. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate and contact with our export department in Biskupice.

  • Viligno floors

    LVT flooring are very successful solutions for family houses. The pictures present flat in Blachownia Poland. The investor used Viligno dry-back, color Traditional Oak.

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