The Viligno board range

Viligno flooring „dry back” version

Viligno_D-hotel-receptie_beige-tile Viligno_D-hotel-lounge_dark-grey-tile Viligno_D-hotel-lounge_dark-brown-oak_detail Viligno_D-hotel-lounge_dark-brown-oak Viligno_D-hotel-hotelroom_light_grey_oak_detail Viligno_D-hotel-hotelroom_light_grey_oak Viligno_D-hotel-classic oak bar Viligno_D_hotel-loungereceptie_light_oak_2 Viligno_D_hotel-loungereceptie_light_oak Viligno_D_hotel_resto_reclaimed_grey_oak Viligno_D_hotel_diningroom_Traditional_oak_2 Viligno_D_hotel_diningroom_Traditional_oak Viligno_D_hotel_diningroom_dark_grey_oak Viligno_D_dark grey tile_detail Viligno_D_dark grey tile voor doos Viligno_D_dark grey tile detail

Viligno flooring „Uniclic” version

VL2LG-607_light grey tile_B1(1)




beige tegel (1)

beige tegel detail(1)

classic oak  detail 1(1)

classic oak - Kopia(1)

classic oak kinderkamer detail 1(1)

classic oak kinderkamer(1)

classic oak(1)

dark brown oak detail(1)

dark brown oak goed(1)

dark grey douche(1)

dark grey keuken detail 1(1)

dark grey keuken detail 2(1)

dark grey keuken detail 3(1)

dark grey keuken(1)

dark grey oak detail 2(1)

dark grey oak detail(1)

dark grey oak groot(1)

dark grey oak inkom(1)

traditional oak badkamer(1)

traditional oak prop detail 2(1)

traditional oak(1)

Viligno_dark grey oak_kantoor wit(1)

viligno_gym_classic oak(1)

Viligno_winkel_light oak(1)Viligno_beige tile_Oostrozebeke(1)


  • Duofuse Solid Full Board

    In 2018, Plastivan brings on the shelves new Duofuse Solid Full Board for terraces. The product is created during co-extrusion process. There are three colors as usually. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate and contact with our export department in Biskupice.

  • Viligno floors

    LVT flooring are very successful solutions for family houses. The pictures present flat in Blachownia Poland. The investor used Viligno dry-back, color Traditional Oak.

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